Friday, March 9, 2012

No Heart, No Art

Many surprises for us in early March! Dimas and Lois' artworks are published on Mixmagz.

Mixmagz is an alternative media initiated by Karamba Art Movement (based in Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia), and is open for anyone who wants to share about art, diversity, youth, community and city news. Its pdf format can be downloaded for free here.

"Firebird" - pencil on paper, by Dimas Praja

The Peafowl - pencil, ink n watercolor on paper, by Lois
thank you Mixmagz! :)

Meanwhile, Lois won the Magic Ink Magz & RVCA Indonesia's sketch/drawing competition for tattoo artists. The jury is Tim Hendricks himself, a tattooist, tattoo machine builder and RVCA ANP artist.

it's announced on our facebook wall,
but will also be published on Magic Ink Magazine's next issue
Thank you everyone!
No Heart, No Art!

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