Monday, November 14, 2011

a simple anniversary

Our anniversary was on November 3, and it's the 4th :) we don't bother making invitations because this year we want it simple and silent. 'Four years' is a short time, compared to the so many other tattooists and established tattoo studios in our town, but we're still standing now, supporting each other and is willing to make art to the fullest every single day.

So many up and downs, positive and negative comments, and we can't say anything more than thank you, because it's all bring the best out of us. For all collectors, supporting friends, and most of all - family.

back in 2009 at Kimochi Fest, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta.
in between henna tattoo sessions, these children from the next booth asked lots of things about tattoos.

in 2010, Dimas Praja got a chance to do tattoo at Fourspeed Metalwerks, Bandung.
Anyway, today is their anniversary. happy anniversary, Fourspeed Metalwerks! :)

in summer 2011 Dimas Praja got a chance to do some guest spots in some tattoo studios in Bali.

also in 2011, Dimas Praja got 2nd place for oriental category in Modern Tattoo Culture's tattoo war.
the event was held in Semarang. Here's a link about the event.

our simple celebration at the waiting room. Beer for the guys and orange juice for Lois and Bebe.
Lois made a pile of chocolate doughnuts. The guy in hat is mas Bejo (he was featured once here) which is now helping us a lot at the studio, and next to him is Rory, one of our avid collectors (his favorite is Japanese tattoos, which is one of Dimas' natural talent to design). Here is one of Rory's collections, tattooed by Dimas Praja

Now that we have two tattooists working, we need spare machines :)

and a lot of colors to keep the tattooists' creativity flowin'

Thank you collectors for trusting your skin to us, spreading the good words n everything.
Thank you CarpeDiem TattooStudio family to keep up the good work, pushing the art boundaries, n to keep up the standard :)