Sunday, January 29, 2012

Katana n sakura

please ignore the letterings :p
the Katana (short Japanese sword) was done 3 months before, also by Lois.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Ol' English Tattoos

Undoubtedly, "Old English Text" is one of the favorite thing for letterings. It's bold, tough and classic look makes it a tough option for some tough people who wants to clearly state their minds.

done by Dimas Praja, 2012

daughter's name, done by Dimas Praja, 2008

done by Dimas Praja, 2011

done by Dimas Praja, 2009

parents' name. done by Lois, 2010.

Social Distortion's avid fan. done by Lois, 2010

done by Dimas Praja, 2011

It's always a self-expression...of ideals, praying, love, and also a statement; for it looks very clear across your chest or in the upper-backs. oh well, bold will hold :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

We didn't plan anything to celebrate but to take few sips of beer after re-painting the studio. We've been working for three days, painting the blue interior to yellow. Rainy days made it took longer to dry, made some appointments delayed, and obviously made us forget that we're supposed to be a bit relax this weekend ;)

Yet our friend, Bambang Bendol - who previously worked as part-time tattooist in CarpeDiem TattooStudio and now he owns Bima Tattoo, also located in Yogyakarta - came over n ask Dimas if he can help him on an outing job. So both of them set off n got back home just in time while Lois was also still awake (she said its better to stay awake for a lil longer rather than get annoyed by the fireworks n noises). n we woke Bebe up to watch the fireworks!

Bebe, Bendol n Dimas

Lots of people spent their New Year's Eve on Janti flyover rather than got stuck in Malioboro street.
And they set an amazing fireworks performance! This one is one of the largest 'explosions' last night

Here's some sneak peek on the fresh bright interior color of the studio. It helps a lot in taking brighter tattoo pictures :)

yellowish tone

the busy bees, ready to buzz 

and may the Force will always be with us :)

Hope everything's gonna be better in 2012! cheers to you :)