Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fourspeed Metalwerks store reopening

2010 was our first visit to Fourspeed Metalwerks' previous store located at Jl. Djuanda, Bandung. Dimas then pay a revisit on March, to tattoo some customers on Fourspeed Metalwerks. For those who isn't familiar with Fourspeed Metalwerks, they are the ones who built this life-size Alien (if there's one for real ;))

made by Indonesia's metal craftsmen at Fourspeed Metalwerks, Bandung.

Dimas Praja tattooing at Fourspeed Metalwerks' previous shop

this was done on January 2011,
Fourspeed Metalwerks logo for one of Fourspeed's family.

continued to a Ramayana-themed full sleeve on March 2011.

Dimas Praja doing his live-drawing performance at Fourspeed Metalwerks' new shop opening.
photo by Rivaldi photoworx

close up, photo by Rivaldi photoworx

If you're in Bandung and want to get tattoos from Dimas Praja, you can contact us at 0274-9198282 or 0812 2722843. If the minimum quota of 10 persons to get tattooed in Bandung is reached, then Dimas Praja will be ready to travel there and tattoo you at this uber cool shop, Fourspeed Metalwerks. check Fourspeed'
s progress here.