Friday, August 12, 2011

Tibetan Skull tattoo

Tibetan skulls are getting more attention on tattoo designs, either for its macabre (yet beautiful) look in black-and-grey and color works, and for the meaning itself. 

It's also known as kapala (Sanskrit for "skull") or skullcup, it is made from a human skull used as a ritual implement (bowl) in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra (Vajrayana). Especially in Tibet, these skulls often carved or elaborately mounted with precious metals and jewels. The heavily embossed cup is usually made of silver-gilt bronze with lid shaped like a skull and with a handle made in the form of a thunderbolt.

a Tibetan skull for rituals

And the design development from the idea of Tibetan skull is vary, including on Dimas Praja's tattoo work:

a Tibetan skull tattoo by Dimas Praja, done in 2009

Celtic cross tattoo

A celtic cross tattoo, done by Dimas Praja on April 2009

Body painting rally at Japanese Fest 2008

It was a real crowd!!
These pictures were pics from the second day, we had only some secs to take shots!
thanks for Duta Wacana Christian University.

the handmade banner :)

the crowd on booth, you can't even see the painters!

ahh here's one. This is Dimas Praja.

and this is Indra. at the time when we move the blog and repost this report, Indra had took off his dreadlock.

we're always open for design consultations

Lois met an old friend, Dita

finally can have a sip after many, many body paintings

a group of happy girls after got face paintings

cherry blossoms!

more cherry blossoms!

this is a ghost-girl cosplay, of course. because if she's a real ghost, Rio won't even take a pic with her!

Japanese Festival 2008

it’s today!! November 15-16, 2008.
It’s held in Duta Wacana Christian University, Jogjakarta, Indonesia for her birthday. the ticket is Rp.10.000.
Every Japanese culture will be present here. we’re opening a tattoo booth there, but we only do some temporaries, since we can’t get any clean area there for real tattoos. Just come and enjoy the weekend :)
the busy busy afternoon preparing the fest. GC and Rio made koi and dragon banners. Lois and Indra, the dreadlock maker, made fonts for the backdrop.

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