Thursday, December 15, 2011

another cover up story

Hello! sorry for a bit lagging behind. We're currently working on our official website and our PC got crashed for almost few months, but we now got everything fixed and back to work, on fire! ;) If some people got confused about our double-blog, sorry! We found blogspot is easier to connect with, and since the stats in wordpress is also high, we try to keep up with both blogs :) Don't worry, it's still the same people, Dimas and Lois.

Anyway, this is another cover up work done by Dimas Praja in July. The client himself is one of our coming-back clients, especially in covering up, lol. Well, he got his first tattoo touched up by Dimas, too. Since then he showed up few times to get more works done, but he always choose the design few hours before he showed up at CarpeDiem TattooStudio. We have carefully told him something we all should know about tattoos - that it lasts forever - and he has to choose carefully, both the design and the tattooist. He worked well in some sittings with Dimas, but apparently his 'primal urge' to get tattooed every time he see something cool to get inked is stronger than what he should remember about being a bit picky.

The client spent his summer holiday back in his hometown and came over a 'reputable' tattoo shop in town. This time, he got a pair of...broken wings.

the wings were asymmetrical, with faded-everything: faded lines, faded shadings. 

The client's girlfriend said that he can't asleep for almost three days after the tattoo healed, then decided to fly straight back to Jogjakarta to pay us a visit. The picture above shown Dimas' sketch effort to fix the tattoo.

Then there it went, this was done in July. He then added another collection around August:

Around October, he showed up again with his brother - this time, it's his brother who wants to get tattooed. But he also sported his left half-sleeve which he 'regret', for now it's a half-sleeve done in dark grey and black, so there's nothing can be really done about that. hmm... don't we all should learn something from this kind of thing? :)