Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fourspeed Metalwerks store reopening

2010 was our first visit to Fourspeed Metalwerks' previous store located at Jl. Djuanda, Bandung. Dimas then pay a revisit on March, to tattoo some customers on Fourspeed Metalwerks. For those who isn't familiar with Fourspeed Metalwerks, they are the ones who built this life-size Alien (if there's one for real ;))

made by Indonesia's metal craftsmen at Fourspeed Metalwerks, Bandung.

Dimas Praja tattooing at Fourspeed Metalwerks' previous shop

this was done on January 2011,
Fourspeed Metalwerks logo for one of Fourspeed's family.

continued to a Ramayana-themed full sleeve on March 2011.

Dimas Praja doing his live-drawing performance at Fourspeed Metalwerks' new shop opening.
photo by Rivaldi photoworx

close up, photo by Rivaldi photoworx

If you're in Bandung and want to get tattoos from Dimas Praja, you can contact us at 0274-9198282 or 0812 2722843. If the minimum quota of 10 persons to get tattooed in Bandung is reached, then Dimas Praja will be ready to travel there and tattoo you at this uber cool shop, Fourspeed Metalwerks. check Fourspeed'
s progress here.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Saint Mary rib tattoo

One day, our client Enrico Montana draw up his very version of Saint Mary for his rib tattoo. Dimas Praja then customized it a bit n put up some colors.

preliminary sketch n coloring by Dimas Praja.
March 4, 2012

long way to go...
well yeah it's a rib tattoo, so...ouch and Rico n Dimas will continue the session hopefully this month. Can't wait to see it finished, huh? :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

No Heart, No Art

Many surprises for us in early March! Dimas and Lois' artworks are published on Mixmagz.

Mixmagz is an alternative media initiated by Karamba Art Movement (based in Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia), and is open for anyone who wants to share about art, diversity, youth, community and city news. Its pdf format can be downloaded for free here.

"Firebird" - pencil on paper, by Dimas Praja

The Peafowl - pencil, ink n watercolor on paper, by Lois
thank you Mixmagz! :)

Meanwhile, Lois won the Magic Ink Magz & RVCA Indonesia's sketch/drawing competition for tattoo artists. The jury is Tim Hendricks himself, a tattooist, tattoo machine builder and RVCA ANP artist.

it's announced on our facebook wall,
but will also be published on Magic Ink Magazine's next issue
Thank you everyone!
No Heart, No Art!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

CarpeDiem TattooStudio's new website!

Finally it's finished! :)
a more compact information, gallery n our shop merchandise just in one site,
bilingual, in Bahasa Indonesia and English
check it out:

don't worry, we'll keep the blog updated! :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some February stuff

both tattoos were done by Lois in February 2012. She is approaching her due date soon on end of March / early April, but still open for tattoo inquiries til March 20-ish.

Dimas Praja's tattoo work, 'Legong'

Lois' watercolor painting, 'Light My Fire'

This month also, their works were published on Jabirut Digital Magazine. You can download the magz for free here. Thank you Jabirut Digimagz for you appreciation.

If you want to get tattoos from Dimas and/or Lois, please contact us at :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

keeping in touch

Back in October 2010, someone with a lot of old school tattoos went through CarpeDiem TattooStudio's door, and introduced himself as Tony, he's from Netherland. He spent his holiday traveling to Southeast Asia (including to Indonesia) with his girlfriend (who at the time left alone in the hotel while Tony wanders to look for dinner some tattoo studios in Jogja).

It was a short visit, but we had a good conversation and in fact shares similar thought about some ppl who have problems with their rock star attitude :p

Tony and Dimas, October 2010

Tony owns Blue Hawaii tattoo in Rotterdam, Netherland; and he is also a tattooist with particular interest in old school tattoo designs. Lois interviewed him once for International Artist gallery on Magic Ink Magazine, since the magz rarely reviewed something/someone concentrating in this genre.

on the right page, of course; on Magic Ink vol. 22
and guess what Tony sent us for Xmas.....well he sent it twice, too bad the 1st package might lost at sea.

Tony's sketchbook, some paper goods from Blue Hawai Tattoo, and the patches!! a nautical star, Mr. Horsepower and Stray Cats Rockabilly Rebel...Tony, you rock! :)
We like his Bhinneka Tunggal Ika sketch. It's the official national motto of Indonesia, which mean "Unity in Diversity", inscribed on the ribbon carried by the national symbol, the Garuda Indonesia. Actually, "Unity in Diversity" also applies to all races in the world, when there's no 'pure' races anymore, and one's history intersects with each other. Tony also has Indonesian blood, and undoubtedly some of Indonesian has Netherlander blood running their veins.

Oh well, who cares who's blood is purer or greater,
it's good to make friends, n to keep in touch!

Hope we will catch you someday in Rotterdam, Tony!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Katana n sakura

please ignore the letterings :p
the Katana (short Japanese sword) was done 3 months before, also by Lois.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Ol' English Tattoos

Undoubtedly, "Old English Text" is one of the favorite thing for letterings. It's bold, tough and classic look makes it a tough option for some tough people who wants to clearly state their minds.

done by Dimas Praja, 2012

daughter's name, done by Dimas Praja, 2008

done by Dimas Praja, 2011

done by Dimas Praja, 2009

parents' name. done by Lois, 2010.

Social Distortion's avid fan. done by Lois, 2010

done by Dimas Praja, 2011

It's always a self-expression...of ideals, praying, love, and also a statement; for it looks very clear across your chest or in the upper-backs. oh well, bold will hold :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

We didn't plan anything to celebrate but to take few sips of beer after re-painting the studio. We've been working for three days, painting the blue interior to yellow. Rainy days made it took longer to dry, made some appointments delayed, and obviously made us forget that we're supposed to be a bit relax this weekend ;)

Yet our friend, Bambang Bendol - who previously worked as part-time tattooist in CarpeDiem TattooStudio and now he owns Bima Tattoo, also located in Yogyakarta - came over n ask Dimas if he can help him on an outing job. So both of them set off n got back home just in time while Lois was also still awake (she said its better to stay awake for a lil longer rather than get annoyed by the fireworks n noises). n we woke Bebe up to watch the fireworks!

Bebe, Bendol n Dimas

Lots of people spent their New Year's Eve on Janti flyover rather than got stuck in Malioboro street.
And they set an amazing fireworks performance! This one is one of the largest 'explosions' last night

Here's some sneak peek on the fresh bright interior color of the studio. It helps a lot in taking brighter tattoo pictures :)

yellowish tone

the busy bees, ready to buzz 

and may the Force will always be with us :)

Hope everything's gonna be better in 2012! cheers to you :)