Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some February stuff

both tattoos were done by Lois in February 2012. She is approaching her due date soon on end of March / early April, but still open for tattoo inquiries til March 20-ish.

Dimas Praja's tattoo work, 'Legong'

Lois' watercolor painting, 'Light My Fire'

This month also, their works were published on Jabirut Digital Magazine. You can download the magz for free here. Thank you Jabirut Digimagz for you appreciation.

If you want to get tattoos from Dimas and/or Lois, please contact us at :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

keeping in touch

Back in October 2010, someone with a lot of old school tattoos went through CarpeDiem TattooStudio's door, and introduced himself as Tony, he's from Netherland. He spent his holiday traveling to Southeast Asia (including to Indonesia) with his girlfriend (who at the time left alone in the hotel while Tony wanders to look for dinner some tattoo studios in Jogja).

It was a short visit, but we had a good conversation and in fact shares similar thought about some ppl who have problems with their rock star attitude :p

Tony and Dimas, October 2010

Tony owns Blue Hawaii tattoo in Rotterdam, Netherland; and he is also a tattooist with particular interest in old school tattoo designs. Lois interviewed him once for International Artist gallery on Magic Ink Magazine, since the magz rarely reviewed something/someone concentrating in this genre.

on the right page, of course; on Magic Ink vol. 22
and guess what Tony sent us for Xmas.....well he sent it twice, too bad the 1st package might lost at sea.

Tony's sketchbook, some paper goods from Blue Hawai Tattoo, and the patches!! a nautical star, Mr. Horsepower and Stray Cats Rockabilly Rebel...Tony, you rock! :)
We like his Bhinneka Tunggal Ika sketch. It's the official national motto of Indonesia, which mean "Unity in Diversity", inscribed on the ribbon carried by the national symbol, the Garuda Indonesia. Actually, "Unity in Diversity" also applies to all races in the world, when there's no 'pure' races anymore, and one's history intersects with each other. Tony also has Indonesian blood, and undoubtedly some of Indonesian has Netherlander blood running their veins.

Oh well, who cares who's blood is purer or greater,
it's good to make friends, n to keep in touch!

Hope we will catch you someday in Rotterdam, Tony!